Hello there!

I am so thrilled you stopped by. While I my calendar is mostly full of weddings, I like to say that I specialize in people. I am the photographer for people who desire to have their moments thoughtfully and artistically captured while having a blast doing so. I aim to make photography as fun, candid, and representational of your story as I possibly can. I desire to connect with you, get to know you, and capture you as you are.You matter, so does your story! Just as though I cannot wait to get to know you, here is a little bit about me:

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest with a deep love for all things outdoors. I am a fan of waffles and being outdoors on my skis and my feet. My new obsession is alpine mountaineering and I have added "shoot a wedding on the summit of a mountain" to my bucket list.  Speaking of weddings, I just married my best friend, Zack, and can now say I understand weddings to a new degree!

Lover of "adventure" (what does that even mean anymore?), dappled light, laughter (The Office), & anything sweet (aka I love the dessert table at weddings, you can certainly find me there). You will also find me cracking dumb jokes while also waltzing out into traffic to get a good photo. Some have said I remind them of a mix between Sarah Braverman from Parenthood and Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. Take that how you may. 

I am a recent graduate of Western Washington University, with a degree in Sociology + Communications Studies + Geography, with an emphasis in social justice and public policy. 

I began taking photos of friends when I was just 16, and here I am now. Equally stoked and anxious to see where photography can take me next. What can I say, I adore what I do-  I am so excited to artistically capture your story

Instagram:  @shelbyapayne